A few kudos . . .

We want to formally thank everyone on the Mediaphysics staff for being there for all these years.  You have designed our websites and much of our print materials since the mid 90’s and this past few years you also added beautiful new sites for our preschool and our job support network.  You have maintained them all with care and concern for their message and purpose.  Now you are designing a new series of internal sites and a brand new parish site.  We wouldn’t want anyone else to do this for us.  If anyone wants our recommendation, have them call us. ~ Will S., Diocese of San Jose, CA.

Thank yous all around to the team at Mediaphysics for guiding us through our first adventure into the world of websites.  You made it nearly effortless and gave us such a terrific look.  You continue to provide beautiful flyers and ads whenever we need it.  We have no problems recommending you to anyone who needs a first hand reference.  ~ Joan and Coreen, Owners, Charbonneau Salon and Spa, Wilsonville, OR.

We published this terrific children’s book a few years ago and now we were ready to publicize it further with the addition of a coloring activity book.  You made it so easy and so affordable.  You helped us understand what needed to be done.  We are very happy with the results!  ~  Melanie D., Author, “Forests For All”, Portland, OR.

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