:: Our Process


We build your website in careful increments with your review at major steps along the way — no matter the size of the job.

We  deliver on time and on budget, no surprises!  We pride ourselves on bringing you fast turnaround times and a highly personalized service.

Here are our 4 easy steps to delivery:

Step 1:  Upfront evaluation.stepsbl

The first step is to meet with you to discuss the website project details. During this 1 hour, no obligation free consultation we will come to your business and accomplish the following:

  • Discuss what you envision for your new site.
  • Discuss how to accomplish using current technologies
  • Agree to a site outline and  a “look and feel”
  • Suggest ways to  maximize your website’s marketing potential
  • Prepare a project plan and proposal with estimate and delivery dates

Step 2:   Design work-up & review

Design the general “look and feel” of the Web Site with either a graphical display or demo site.  In this process, we develop the site architecture and navigation.  We present the design to you for comment and make necessary revisions after your review.

Step 3:   Integrate content & build out

The next step is to work with you to acquire the content and information that we will use to build out the site pages.  After this is done, you will be presented with a completed website for review.

Step 4:   Revise, final review & launch

We make final revisions and launch a beta version of the site to test functionality for several days.  During this time, you will be able to view the site which will be hidden from public view until launch.  Upon final launch, we will provide you 30 days of maintenance at no additional charge.  At launch, part of our service is to present you with a complete copy of the site in print and digital format.

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